Here is a picture of us before a performance in a small town outside of Nowa Ruda.

Front row: (L to R) Lauren Neese, Dani Roe, Rachel Grove, Colleen Pearson, Amy Walter, Jill Stahl. Back row: (L to R) Steve Rose, Blake Burton, Jeremy Balentine, Jarrett Roe.

Here are Colleen and our guide for the first week, Marcin Majewski.

Jill Stahl and me during the opening ceremonies!

Here is the residence of the mayor of Nowa Ruda.

We clogged on the steps of this church! This is the Parish church in Wambierzyce.

Here are Jill and me again outside the post office in Pyrzyce!

Here are all of our friends that we met in Pyrzyce!

Here is our bluegrass pimp, Jason Moehlman! :) Just kidding, Jason. He was one of the four
bluegrass band members with us!