Welcome everyone to the original Crissy fan club website!!! This page is totally dedicated to Crissy in honor of her grace and beauty. Members of the Crissy CuteyPie (CCP) fan club all over the world have commented on Crissy's popularity and stunning looks, and a few of these comments, as well as the names of the people who said them, are posted below. But first, on behalf of the CCP fan club, I would just like to say....


"Crissy is the most stunning young lady that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Joe is a lucky man." --Tom Cruise

"I would ask her to be a model for us, but her beauty is too great for our magazine." --YM magazine

"She is one of the greatest people in the world today... true beauty inside and out." --Blake Burton

Plus there were over a MILLION more comments submitted to us in Crissy's honor, but are not posted on this page... we hope that with this page, the whole world will see the beauty of Crissy CuteyPie that the millions of CCP members have already seen.

Crissy - You are DEFINATELY a valued individual in the lives of people everywhere!

many people have visited... hey!! So many people have come to see Crissy that they have broken our counter!!!